The score was eighth highest in the NFL despite Andrews clearly

The score was eighth highest in the NFL despite Andrews clearly

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The score was eighth highest in Madden 22 coins the NFL despite Andrews clearly becoming more of a top receiver than players such as Greg Olsen (also an 86) as well as Evan Engram (88).

Madden, who's now 88 years old, has justly confirmed Andrews position as a premier player in the red zone as well as a passing catcher in the tight end. Andrews received 58 passes and accounted for 707 yards and seven touchdowns and was a more efficient run blocker when Nick Boyle injured.

With a score of 86 for speed, 90 for acceleration as well as 79 strength 80 for agility, and 96 for awareness it's no wonder that Andrews has been the favorite target of Lamar Jackson these past few seasons.

Kelce together with Aaron Donald, Rams pass rusher and Devante Adams, Packers pass catcher, made his return to 99 after his remarkable season (1,416 yards, 11 touchdowns), which led to Kansas City reach the Super Bowl.

Kittle who is the most obvious second-best tight end Kittle, and Waller who was a part of several horrendous games with mut 22 coins cheap the Raiders are the top three. Super Bowl champ Rob Gronkowski is a notable seventh-ranked tight end with an score of 86. Dallas Goedert's score of 84 is the highest of the top 10.

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