Rocket League's today's restricted-time event

Rocket League's today's restricted-time event

Posted 16 days ago in Cars and Vehicles.

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Rocket League's today's restricted-time event, Lucky Lanterns, is Buy Rocket League Items now live. The in-sport celebration is themed across the Lunar New Year, and could closing until March 1.

Lucky Lanterns provides Heatseeker to Rocket League till February 22. This 2v2 fan-preferred mode sees the ball certainly interested in the opposing aim of whichever group touched it final, forcing players to react extra quick on blocks. Then, from February 22 to March 1, Super Cube returns to Rocket League. This 3v3 mode hasn't been seen in Rocket League since 2015, the 12 months the sport launched. As its name implies, it transforms the ball right into a dice.

Additionally, Lucky Lanterns provides a group of Lunar New Year décor to Rocket League. The Forbidden Temple (Day) arena has been redecorated in party of the imminent Year of the Ox. New cosmetics can also be in the store during the occasion, inclusive of the now-painted Paper Dragon goal explosions. Lucky Lanterns will upload restricted-time occasion challenges as properly, giving you more duties to complete along your weekly challenges.

In the midst of the occasion, Rocket League is getting a new conflict car. The Ford F-one hundred fifty is coming to Rocket League, even though most effective for a constrained-time. From February 20-28, you can purchase the Ford F-150 Rocket League Edition for 1500 Credits--the package consists of the F-a hundred and fifty battle vehicle, Chairman sticky label, SE wheels, Ford F-150 engine audio, Ford F-one hundred fifty enhance, and Ford F-one hundred fifty participant banner. According to developer Pysonix, the F-one hundred fifty battle vehicle has the identical hitbox as the Octane.