How To Earn Coins In Madden 22 Ultimate Team

There are several ways to get coins in the Madden 22 ultimate team

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Madden 22 Ultimate Team (MUT) is the card-based mode. The core is to collect player cards to fill out and create a fantasy roster that can crush any other.

In order to make your dream team the best, you have to make more coins use of all the things that the Madden Ultimate Team mode offers you. Madden 22 mut coins are mostly useful for player acquisition, but you can also use them to buy packs, work the auction house, and purchase new team items such as stadiums, uniforms, and playbooks. Simply put, coins are the lifeblood of this mode. So in this Madden 22 Ultimate Team Guide, we will show you all the best ways to earn coins in the game!

Complete Objectives

In Madden 22 Ultimate team, you'll see the objectives list. There are three different types of objectives to complete for rewards coins and XP needed to increase your MUT Level: Daily, Weekly, and Season. All of these objectives can be completed by playing any MUT game mode. No matter which objectives you decide to tackle, you'll be rewarded every step of the way.

Complete Solo Challenges

Solo challenges provide the most reliable way to make coins in Madden Ultimate Team. There's a base coin reward for every solo challenge you do base on difficulty, and some of them will even hook you up with as much as quadruple the reward for completing an optional bonus objective. Better yet, the game has no shortage of Solo Challenges, which means that if you spend enough time on them, you can get "rich" and earn more coins in Madden 22.

Complete Gridiron Forge Challenges

In addition, Madden 22 Ultimate Team debuts a brand new program called Gridiron Forge that will carry great rewards to upgrade your team. But first, you need to unlock, and you will have to complete up to week four in the campaign solo challenges. Once you unlock the Gridiron Forge program, you will play the respective tests for your team that will earn you exp points and other rewards with every single victory.

Work The Auction House

Madden Auction House, where gamers buy and sell player items in Ultimate Team. Once you have a bit of coin and some excess players, you can take a trip to the auction house and put that money to work. It's natural to want to go into the auction house and buy up all the players you need, but you can also use the Madden economy to help keep your coffers full. Deploy a simple "buy low, sell high" strategy here. It's easier said than done, but all you're doing is buying a player below the market value and selling it at or above what you paid.

Find Packs

The bedrock of Ultimate Team are packs, and you will see plenty of new and returning types of packs in MUT 22. You can buy player packs of varying quality. Some will only guarantee one Gold player and a bunch of silver ones, and there's a chance for Elite players in any of these packs. Some packs guarantee Elite players and other items. Sell these cards at Auction House. It is also the primary way you earn madden NFL 22 coins for MUT!

Know of any other way to earn more Madden 22 Coins? We'd love to hear from you in the comments, so sound off if you've got some ideas!