The POE 3.12.5 patch eases the impatient mentality of players

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As the development of the Heist League has entered a white-hot state, GGG introduced the 3.12.5 patch to further optimize the game. What players can see is that the number of existing bugs or errors in the game has reduced, and the game performance has also been better released. They can then enjoy the new experience that the improved game brings to themselves by updating the patch online. Players still need more POE Currency and POE Items to help them quickly gain a foothold after entering the game.

In the current Heist League, certain passages between the character’s current location and the target room will no longer block. Previously, because of such errors, many players could not quickly find the target room during the action. The team will fix a bug that would prevent the door from opening in the unique heist of Darnau’s death. If you rust it immediately after starting the beam attack, the rusted grinder will no longer damage the beam. Brave adventurers will lose the ability to get stuck on the door after using Dash.

If the chest contains only the part marked “take only”, they will place the chest part in an invisible folder. Developers will fix a bug that previously when players enabled linking items to a section, if there were no characters of level 25 or higher on the account, an error would display. In the battle with Sirius the World Awakener, the game performance will improve. The key passive skills of the end of the world will appear on the unique body armor of the Lord’s skin. If the character loses stamina cost, the unique shield eternal apple will stop triggering multiple battle sounds at the same time.

Anyway, the development of the game is becoming prosperous. Although GGG announced that it will postpone the expansion of POE 3.13 until January next year, but fortunately, they are constantly optimizing the game experience of current players so that players have the confidence to continue playing and Buy POE Items. Let us look forward to what new changes will appear next.