I havent played runescape in a little while

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Posted 8 days ago in Gaming.

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Hello and thank you for RS gold reading this article (if anyone actually reads it...) My username is Silverwhite3, I'm level 74 and im going to be a member for the 1st time but I dont actually know what to do I would apreciate if you would tell me thingswhat quests I should perform in my skills/level or witch I must train my skills to do, fun minigames, simple ways to earn money as a member (members stuff isexpensive ) places to go, quests to perform, blablabla etc....

I'd really apreciate it you can even add me to friends to help me arround since I just have like 1 or two memb buddies... PS: tell me exactly what armour, melee, range or mage weapon I should get in my level (who cares about the money il get it ) PPS: what REAL clan I should join.

Okay first off this is the very first time about the forums. I havent played runescape in a little while, but im starting to agian. However, with all the modifications like Grand Excahnge and not being able to get freebies from frineds, im a little stuck. At this time im lvl 26 range, 40 lifetime, and im with bronze arrows using willow extended bow. Im killing cows. Only spent and hour getting from 20-26. Where can I find chaos runes the speediest. But I dont want to purchase chaos they're just way to much. Idc if I must kill lvl 7 critters to get them I just wish to know the fastest approach.

Same question as above just no im requesting mith/addy arrows. Agian they cost to much. Last question. How long can you think It takes for minning to lvl 60 from lvl 50. I have rune pick, and I intend to bank all my ores. Which ore if I mine coal or iron. And where. Sorry for the four questions. And thx for any informtaion you can get me. And id like to inform anyone that needs money and has 30+smithing that if you buy the iron and coal ore, smelt to pubs, and then sell you will make close to 200gp gain per pub. Members can just take the bars and make cannon balls from these to make 300gp per pub.

Alright, through cutting yews that has been long and slow, I've managed to get 500k. I have just spent 100k on some teak logs, since I have an idea. I thought I'd post it here to get confirmation on it however, or if anyone else has any better idea's on a simple but effective means to generate money with approximately 300k-500k to start off with. Okay, so I bought 1k teak logs for 90k. I will flip all 1k of teak logs into boards (I know I will run out of money before I get all 1k into buy old school runescape gold boards ) And I sell them.