While that does seem intriguing, does not that defeat the purpose of slaying?

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While that does seem intriguing, does not that defeat the purpose of slaying? Part of the fun of instruction Slayer is something fresh to RS gold kill every task, sure, nice. I am pretty sure eventually prayer potions would run up the cost to where I am losing money, wouldn't it? Incidentally, thanks for the advice everyone.

Even with prayer potions you'll probably profit from slayer, they are fairly affordable. From the drops you need to gain, and if you do not have that then buying Slayer Dart runes in the slayer master for 35 slayer points (you get 36 for doing 2 tasks from Kuradel) gets you about ~70k which is decent and may add up to a good cash if you invest your money on this rather than cancelling or blocking tasks.

I would recommend around 40 or even more atk, 40 or more str and 33 def or more before meleeing it. Maging it'll be awful like I read tht it's remarkable magic def. At the said melee lvls, u wud need a rune scimmy (40atk needed), and full determined armour (30 def needed), an amulet of str, and a str potion would help. . U also require the anti aging drag sheild, as without it, elvarg can hit upto 500 dmg.

Also, receive an entire list of lobsters/swordfish. Swordfish is much better, but I killed elvarg at about 40-50 combat, using only 3-5 lobbies. This installment is just for the final boss battle against elvarg the dragon btw. One more thing, having 33 magic can save 10k gp (for telegrabing a map piece rather than purchasing it from the goblin). Also remember, u need 33 quest points to even start this exploration. If u wish to, don't hesitate to contact me in game (Tarun Dragon) and I would be more than happy to help u, and also fund , if ur not great on cash. When I did it, rune scimmies where 60k by itself, so that it cost me much more.

Everyone has given you the very best advice, except for two things. I think that an amulet of power would be a lot better than power, as it boosts you accuracy and defence. A short sword will conquer a scimitar against dragons, that are weak to stab attacks. I wanted to mention that also, though I forgot that he'd want the extra atk in his lvl, and yeah, dragons are rlly feeble to buy RuneScape gold stab (was attempting to think about an f2p stab wep, but cudn't lol).

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