I really like the feeling of working hard to get Madden NFL players

I really like the feeling of working hard to get Madden NFL players

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Plus you could only include up to 3 items in each transaction that makes trade negotiation extremely difficult. Wanna see how to enhance the deal? There's simply no consistency and no logic in Mut 20 coins madden trade. I could literally turn a second and a 70+ QB for big Q or 3 70-80 rated Madden NFL players for Zach Martin but that I can not even trade my entire team for Jonah Williams? 2K is always idle and rarely enhances myleague mode but then afterward 2k myleague remains 1000 miles before madden franchise.

I thought they made a big change (x variable skills ) and enjoyed very much. I won't deny that the franchise mode is lacking compared to the NBA 2k franchise. Not even big change, they simply brought back a feature from like 10 games ago.Ah yes, who doesn't love the Enforcer ability and the 60 forced fumbles per season by Madden NFL players that have it. Additionally their built being shit that half of the QB SS/X Factor skills never have used. So thankful I picked it up for 23 bucks instead of paying full price. MUT is a joke this season with the random deflections resulting in the ideal CB deflecting a pass to the LE to select off 45 yards off... occurs at least once a complete game.

Anyone else remember the glory days when Madden needed a bunch of ability drills on PS2?

Wish MUT was a separate video game and regular Madden concentrated on franchise and moved in details with it instead of taking shit outside and making business bare. It is mad that Madden 03 has a better franchise mode compared to Madden 20. MUT is loved by me, but I agree with this. Have a separate game for MUT and concentrate on franchise and most of time teams onto a different match. That is coming from somebody who plays MUT. Honest question...what do u get out of MUT...not to insult u in any way but to me it's honestly the worst shit ever so as a Madden NFL player I wan na na kno ur thoughts on it's enjoyable.

The truth is, 80% of the Madden NFL players are run the exact same shitty performs the whole game. However, the reason is that I really like the feeling of working hard to get Madden NFL players and getting to buy Madden 20 coins upgrade my group though hard work. Had a complete Chargers theme group plus a couple other Madden NFL players that I loved to cover their poor rankings, and grinding for it had been tedious but so gratifying.

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