Are you sure this is it? That's what the Ancient powers inform me

Are you sure this is it? That's what the Ancient powers inform me

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Are you sure this is it? That's what the Ancient powers inform me. How should we undergo? Watch and find out. The Mage of Zamorak will throw an earth wave at the bottom of this mountain, and OSRS gold immedietly the door crumbles open. Taurus and the Mage disappear into it. The cutscene will finish, and you'll need to enter the tomb. Once inside, there will be a circular room with a glowing-yellow stone altar in the center. There'll be an additional brief cutscene.

Today we must drain the energy from this place, so it might no longer hold Zaros' power , and we could totally destroy him! For Zamorak! For Zamorak! Not too fast! You! I should have killed you at the tomb! If you didn't run out screaming first! Both Taurus and the Mage of Zamorak will attack you.

Hit's a maximum of 20 until gets 80 or reduced wellbeing, when he will throw charge along with his max. Hit will be raised to 30 temporarily. When you have one a 0 HP, he will shout'Teleport!' And will teleport out of the grave. When both of them are murdered, you'll get this message in your chat screen:'Well done, Adventurer! Follow and puruse our pros attackers!' Now you will have to visit another shrine.

After you exit the display for studying the Shrine of Power's scroll, you will automaticaly say this:'I should probably visit Carralanger, and then travel south from their' First, go to Carralanger, or even the Demonic Ruins (you don't need to teleport, even though it is far easier.) When you attempt to proceed through the gates, then you will encounter a cutscene. You will see the Mage of Zamorak and Taurus walking past the Red Dragons.

This was a close call, Taurus! He probably followed you in the acursed desert! I don't care! We've lost him today, so we should probably only drain the energy from this shrine and get away as quickly as possible. The Mage of Zamorak then uncovers a rock trapdoor and attempts to cheap RS gold lift it. It is too heavy! You try.

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