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Posted 15 days ago in Pets and Animals.

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Kin Gang
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I'll just bullet the major point, simple things that OSRS gold spare time overall (in other words eliminate surplus dialogue, or options). Make the Sandwich Lady not appear during battle. I don't know how often I got this while at Daggonoths and it's IMPOSSIBLE to speak to her.

Have Random Events NOT APPEAR in areas it is difficult to see these in. Do I really need an explanation for this ? Add NPCs across NPC using the skillcapes, that do the emote so that we stop getting asked"Emote Please!" Or"Show me ton today!" The other option which would be a lot simpler and would be good if you can do is put in a video onto the Capes of Achievement page which reveals every emote in one video. AND DON'T inform me that is impossible!

About the Slayer Gem add a right click option"Task Staying", which instantly brings you to the dialog with Buy old school rs gold all the Slayer Master telling you how many abandoned, or add a counter to the Slayer Gem. The counter would probably be simpler. I'm like black demons, black dragons, select whatever, get teled to the Pinball arbitrary, whoops at 8 I miss the right one and wind up starting over, I shed time and arrows.

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