Mmoexp FIFA - But the affirmation of a FIFA Mobile release has the FUT community talking

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"Consider your competition" - FIFA Mobile Coins Champs Defending tips.While attacking play is more exciting, defending is every bit as significant in Weekend League on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.In the third instalment of FIFA101, MsDossary discusses his top tips for defending such as tactics, player instructions along with your approach to stopping your opponent.

Thinking ahead.Before we dive into the tactics and directions to your defenders, it is more important to comprehend how to defend effectively on FIFA 21. Defending manually can be hard, but it is also what former World Champion MsDossary educates. "You have to think like your competitor by reading the pass and wherever your opponent wishes to go," states MsDossary. "What could you do in their position?" By trying to stay 1 step ahead of your competitor, it is possible to attempt to acquire possession with interceptions and save defending 1v1.

This may leave some defenders left to AI controller, but that's no problem for the prior FIFAe World Champion.MsDossary has stated that one shift he would love to see in Buy FIFA Coins will be"nerfing that the AI blocks as it's too overpowered now". Though this is a pain when you have the ball, then it will mean that your AI defenders are likely to discontinue any shots while you try and search down the ball manually.Role reversal.In last week's FIFA101, MsDossary shared with his favoured personalities and strategies for attacking play.

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