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Mobile reservations, excluding accreditation revenue, fell 10% in fiscal 2020, which followed a 13% decline the year before.The mobile segment has played well throughout FIFA Mobile Coins the last year with powerful outcomes from Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes along with FIFA Mobile, but as a group, EA's mobile games have been underperforming a market that is growing at high double prices.

Meanwhile, Glu Mobile is growing into a leading mobile game manufacturer, driven by strong results from its top 3 franchises -- Design Home, Harness Sports Baseball, along with Covet Fashion. With the accession of Glu Mobile, EA will have a large and growing cellular business producing $1.32 billion in bookings. That includes more than 100 million monthly players on cellular, bringing EA's global reach across computers, games, and cellular platforms to 430 million players.

There are many synergies between both of these game manufacturers. Glu Mobile's group, headed by former Electronic Arts veteran Nick Earl, has shown quite adept at creating, testing, and launching titles across various genres, including sports, role-playing, and lifestyle matches.

A freezer of fresh games.The development pipeline at Glu Mobile looks really promising. It's new names set to start shortly, including Harness Sports Fishing, Deer Hunter World, and also a upgraded version of Tap Sports Baseball for your 2021 season. EA plans to deliver Tap Baseball to fresh countries with its licensing experience from EA Sports.There is also Table & Taste, a brand new lifestyle game, as well as a variety of hyper-casual games starting from Glu's Crowdstar studio.

What's more, Glu Mobile could bring fresh ideas to EA about how to decorate certain names. By way of example, Glu recently relaunched an e-commerce store in Design Home, making it the first game company to try out this special angle of Cheap FIFA Coins in-game monetization. The company reported seeing favorable early outcomes from this initiative on the very last earnings call.