On top of being pretty athletic, his 3-point shot was his bread

On top of being pretty athletic, his 3-point shot was his bread

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If it wasn't for Hornacek, it's difficult to NBA 2K21 MT say whether the pick-and-roll Hall of Fame duo would have triumphed as far as they did in the playoffs during the 1990s. Hornacek's jump shot was pure and his 88 entire card at NBA 2K21's MyTeam shows that because his 3-point shooter has a score of 92. His card comprises him from the 1979 NBA season as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers and has an overall rating of 93.

On top of being pretty athletic, his 3-point shot was his bread and butter and landed him with a score on his card of 92. He may not be a name you are familiar with, but a lot of the very best and most consistent shooters of all time get lost in background in favor of pure superstars. On top of being one of the greatest passers in NBA history, Nash could put up points and score when he wished to.

His jump shot isn't as aesthetically pleasing or pristine as Steph Curry's but it was filthy in its own right. His 93 entire card in NBA 2K21's MyTeam includes a score of 92 when it comes to 3-point shooting, which is quite fitting. Not only can Doncic score from everywhere on the court, rebound, and throw dimes to his teammates in transition, but he's also accurate from long distance.

His evaluation of 92 in the 3-point line might appear low if you were able to find some of his amazing shots from behind the line, with the most recent and jaw-dropping one coming as a game-winner from the Los Angeles Clippers in the 2020 NBA Playoffs.

In case of"one of those things isn't like another", Paul Pierce comes in and makes it to #6 using a 3-point shooting score of 92 on his 96 overall card. Known as"The Truth" Paul Pierce was a ferocious competitor who may stand up Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins things from everywhere on the court.

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