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Before you decide what you will do, consider whether you feel more confident about RuneScape gold your range or in your theft level. Once inside, dash to the north and ascend the steps. There will be two Juvinates here, but they are able to summon level 150 Vyreguards So it's better to keep out of their sight. They see only what they are facing, just as the elementals in the Sorceress's Garden. Go towards the East and climb the steps. Go to the door closest to you and then wait for it to be opened.

Excellent. When I've finished analysing this, I'll be able to get my blog post back within a matter of hours. I'll get it downstairs. When you're done with your orders, let us examine the item. Now, go downstairs and open the chest located in the Southwest corner. A level 135 Vyrewatch attack will come upon you. Kill him to obtain his corpse as well as the key. To get an Ivandis Flail, take the key found in the chest. Return to Veliaf and tell him the threat is averted. Next, contact Safalaan, Meiyerditch to tell him about the incident. Safalaan then suggests the possibility of a trip to Castle Drakan, based on the maps that you created in Darkness of Hallowvale.

Find the northern sickle symbol at the wall. This is where you sketched Darkness of Hallowvale's castle. There are stairs. Go south and descend the steps. You will find Castle Drakan by climbing up the wall nearby. You will need to go through a maze. The maze will lead you to a room that has a coffin inside. Try to get it open, but you'll be blocked.

Vanstrom Vanstrom: Ah, [your name]], I noticed the weapon had disappeared and I knew you were the culprit. I thought it was just a matter of time before you entered the castle, and I was right. You brought Safalaan hallow, so sweet and so gentle, perhaps he can help her become more cooperative.

Vanstrom is level 199. He is a melee player. He may employ an attack with a range, like Dessous in Desert Treasure, at times during battle. Only the Ivandis Flail is able to harm him. I strongly suggest having completed Tarn's Lair so you can make use of buy OSRS gold the Salve Amulet (e). Unfortunately, Vantrom won't die.